Technical Data

Technical Data Sheet  Orion Polymer CMX membranes For AEM hydrogen electrolyzers, HT-PEM, flow batteries, fuel cells.


Orion Polymer CMX membrane are high IEC (ion exchange capacity) anion exchange polymers (AEM) with the most durable structure in the anion exchange field. Orion products’ superior performance over all 50+ AEM polymers was documented by NREL, the National Renewable Energy Lab, in an independent, blind study of membrane.

Many industrial labs have compared and down-selected to using ONLY Orion CMX membrane.

Applications: Hydrogen Electrolyzers, Fuel Cell, Carbon Dioxide mitigation, and Flow Battery R&D, and prototyping. Supplied in Br- counterion form. Convert to -OH immediately before use.

Durability / Stability: Orion Polymers proved to be the most durable at 80°C for 1000h in KOH, being the only product showing virtually no degradation out of 50+ tested by NREL. Orion AMX is surpassed by our current gen 3 composition, Orion CMX, 5/2022.

High Ion Exchange Capacity, IEC: Orion CMX is chemically stable, thermally stable, mechanically robust and demonstrates 2x+ the anion exchange capacity vs Nafion’s cation ex: 

   Orion CMX:   Ion Exchange Capacity (IEC) = 2.2 Mequiv./g (in OH– form) anionic

   Nafion:          Ion Exchange Capacity (IEC) = 0.92 Mequiv./g (in H+ form) *cationic

Orion CMX Self-Supporting Membrane: We will also soon have 45cm wide x 25m long rolls.

Sizes: 20cmx20cm, A4, or any length roll of 24cm wide x 25 meters/roll. 

IEC: 2.2meq/g IEC (titration method)                           

Thickness: ~35-40um thick. This thickness has proven to be the optimal for electrolyzer and FC.

High conductivity: (80˚C) 144 mS/cm (stats: n=15, R2R / 25m long, 2023)

Mechanical Properties: (50˚C/50%RH) Tensile strength avg =46mPa, Elongation at break =248% (stats: n=15 R2R / 25m long, 2023)

Orion CMX can be stopped and started with no loss of performance. No other AEM has this capability in 200 tested by one industrial lab. 

Contact Orion at  for any custom order or R2R membrane.

Attributes: Highest conductivities vs. IEC (30-35mS/cm, ~2mmol cation/g). 

Virtually no degradation after durability testing at 80°C/1000h: 

    No conductivity loss (AMX), Less than 0.5% conductivity loss (Orion CMX) at 80°C KOH

    No IEC loss, less than 0.5% IEC loss at 80°C 1000+h; latest testing: 1400 hours, Nel.

Maintains the same physical appearance after 1000h in KOH at 80°C

 *Best backbone, best cation and best R groups to provide enhanced chemical durability for the future of AEM development. Orion-type AEM membranes are durable and “show the most promising results in conductivity and IEC”  Meek, NREL ECS Trans 92 (8) Oct 2019.