Clean Technology

Clean Energy Through Orion AM Anion Exchange Membrane

The advantage of AEM over PEM


Orion delivers on the long-sought-after, game-changing approach of using AEM, anion exchange membrane, in alkaline environment to accomplish production and storage of clean energy technologies. Orion AM was proven to be the most durable membrane of over 50 tested by NREL, withstanding 80°C KOH for 1000h with virtually no degradation.

Hydrogen electrolyzer

A 33% reduction in cost for AEM vs PEM has been calculated: 90% reduction in precious metal catalysts, 50% reduction in membrane thickness needed. The alkaline-based technology of hydroxide exchange rather than proton exchange negates the need for platinum catalysts and titanium housings, thus making AEM a decidedly more cost-effective approach to clean energy than PEM.


Whether developing fuel cells for zero-emission fuel cell vehicles, wind or solar energy delivery normalization, or hydrogen generation electrolyzers, AEM use offers strong cost advantages over PEM. Durable Orion AEM is the energy breakthrough needed for the future of clean energy.

Orion delivers for Clean Energy Applications


Technical description of Orion AM

Clean Energy Solutions for Devices at a Fraction of the Cost of PEM - Up to 90% Reduction in Catalyst

While cation exchange polymers and membranes have been available for over 30 years, there are limited sources for anion exchange polymers and membranes, slowing the development of new, transformational electrochemical technologies that can deliver clean energy solutions at reduced costs.

Orion Polymer introduced a new class of anion exchange polymers that can perform as a separator and as a solid electrolyte in a variety of electrochemical energy conversion technologies such as fuel cells, hydrogen electrolyzers, and flow batteries.

Orion AM provides selective transport of anions (including OH–) across the membrane and electrodes in electrochemical cells, while offering excellent chemical stability in alkaline conditions and tough, durable mechanical properties – the breakthrough the field has been waiting for.

Orion Polymer will enable you to develop your technologies with high-performance, stable polymers.

Orion Polymer’s AEM, Anion Exchange Membrane, make clean energy of the future possible by enabling hydrogen generation and storage with reduced cost over PEM, with no corrosive acid environment, and vastly cheaper components for MEAs, cathodes and housings.

About Orion AM Delivering Durability

Orion AM is an aromatic polymer containing alkyltrimethylammonium cation groups which exhibits excellent chemical stability in alkaline conditions, tough mechanical properties, high ion conductivity, high ion exchange capacity, low water swelling, and good solubility in a variety of solvents including alcohol/water mixtures.

Please see the NREL study which compared 50+ anion exchange membranes, finding Orion AM the only durable membrane, exhibiting virtually NO degradation at 80°C over 1000h in KOH (PPN5 in the study).  Orion’s BN2 is the second most durable AEM of the NREL 50+ field studied.


Orion AM is available as ionomer powder / resin, as an alcohol/water ionomer solution, as 5µm thick reinforced membrane, and 25µm thick reinforced membrane forms. Orion AM is available as free standing membrane or composite membrane by custom order. 

We cater to all custom projects and will make them stock items for you. Contact us!

Technical specs, Orion AM, Orion TM1, Orion BN2

High conductivity (>60 mS/cm)

Highest conductivities vs. IEC of over 50 AEM analyzed (30-35mS/cm, ~2mmol cation/g)

The Most Durable anion exchange membrane at 80°C/1000h (AM) and the second most durable of 50+ tested (BN2)

Virtually no degradation after durability testing at 80°C/1000h: 

  • No conductivity loss (AM), Less than 0.5% conductivity loss (BN2) at 80°C
  • No IEC loss (BN2), less than 0.5% IEC loss (AM) at 80°C

Greater than 3x the Ion Exchange Capacity of Nafion! (OH- vs H+)

Withstands high pressure differentials

Maintains the same physical appearance after 1000h in KOH at 80°C

Best backbone, best cation and best R groups to provide enhanced chemical durability for the future of AEM development.

Orion-type AEM membranes are durable and “show the most promising results in conductivity and IEC”  Meek, 2019.


Orion AM polymer resin is available as a standard ion exchange capacity (IEC) of 2.5 meq/g.

As a custom order we can supply IEC of 2.2 or 2.8 meq/g. This can also be supplied as membrane for your application at any of the IEC levels.


Orion AM is available as a pre-made alcohol/water ionomer solution. Shipping only within US. Instructions can be sent to all other customers.


Orion AM Membrane is supplied as a Self-Supporting Membrane, 35um thick, 10cm x 10cm. AEM does not need the thickness of PEM.

Please inquire about large roll to roll orders. Membrane can be supplied as 20cm x 20cm, 100 count, for special orders.

Please contact Cathryn Olsen, chemist at, 518 450-8596. Thank you!